General Judo (Age 14-17, 17+)

Class Descriptions

Adult Judo / High School Judo: Aimed at beginner and intermediate students who have none to some prior experience with judo or other grappling martial arts or sports. It is great for learning to fight in a close range grappling against a fully resisting opponent with maximum efficiency and minimal relative effort. Good for people who want to get in shape and stay in shape with a relatively high fitness level.

Intensity: Medium to High

Focus: Learning fundamental grappling techniques in standing and ground positions; conditioning the body to work with resistance of another person’s weight and strength; applying learned techniques in an effective and safe manner.

One hour thirty minutes class consisted of:

  • Warm up exercises that build core strength, coordination, balance and spatial awareness; improve flexibility.
  • Teaching of fundamental techniques for standing and ground positions
  • Techniques drilling in various stage of speed and intensity
  • Drilling exercise to improve the fundamental physical element of techniques
  • Free sparring

Appropriate level competition opportunities are available in Italy and Europe for those who are interested and sufficiently experienced.


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