Class Schedule and Prices

Our classes are made for beginner to intermediate level students who had none to some grappling martial art experience. Advanced students (black belts) can also benefit as many drills are sufficiently general to be useful for technical and conditioning exercises. Fun Judo class (age 3 to 4) begins October, space is limited, register at the Support Site Fitness Forum reception desk, for any questions, contact us using the contact form.

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Trial Class:
You may try one class for free with no obligation, we will even provide you a free loaner gi to use. Since the payment is month to month, there is no long term financial obligation.

You will be required to purchase or bring your own judo uniform ("gi"). Karate or Taekwondo uniforms are too thin and not acceptable for high intensity gripping actions.

Class Descriptions:

General Judo: Learn Kodokan judo in a systematic way focusing on physical and technical development. Learn to use your body and strength efficiently to defend against an opponent through throws, pins, strangle and joint locks; all of which can be safely applied in both training exercises and realistic sparring session against a resisting opponent. Mostly aimed at adult students, teenage students may join based on parent's and instructor's consent. Read more about this class in depth.

Child Judo: (Age 5 to 13) Learn Kodokan judo in a systematic way focusing on mental, physical and technical development. The foremost emphasis is on learning to respect oneself and each other through a mutually beneficial training environment. The physical emphasis is on developing the proper coordination, balance, agility, spatial awareness and techniques. Technical exercises and supervised sparring session can help children to express their energy in a positive and productive way.

Judo Conditioning: (Age 13+) A workout rarely seen elsewhere. Improve your fitness level using programs designed by an former elite athlete based on many exercises used for competition preparation. Learn the correct movement for localized and whole-body exercises, develop a strong core muscle group, and improve your coordination and balance at the same time. Enrollment in judo class is not necessary. It could be used with or without the judo classes.

Prices (effective Oct. 1, 2015)
General judo and Child judo

$80 $65 per month for two practices a week.

2 or more family members: $60 each per month

Fun judo (Age 3~4)

$65 per month for two practices a week.

$60 for each additional child of the same age group

Judo Conditioning (age 13+)

$50 per month for one class per week.

Single class: $15

Fees must be paid at the beginning of each month to the reception at the Fitness Forum. If you started the membership after the first week, then you will pay every 30 days.

Throughout the year, there are many tournaments in Italy and Europe aimed at judo players of different skill levels and experience. As a club, we will attend some of them. Cadets and Juniors (14~16, 17~20) are required to participate in competitions according to their level. Senior (21+) are not required to participate but highly encouraged to do so, as competition can help you to test your skill under stress, time and rule limitations. Competition experience and performance carries a significant weight in promotion evaluation. Without it, promotion can take twice as long. Instructor must approve each player's request for participation based on his performance of technical skill and sparring in class.


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