Head Instructor - Lincoln Han

Lincoln in judo giFourth degree (yo-dan) black belt. One of the few judo players who began judo as an adult and reached top national and competitive international level as a competitor. His experience training under different instructors in different parts of the world gave him insight into several types of judo teaching and practicing styles. He began as a recreational judo player, eventually he became a professional, training full time for several years under the guidance of world class coaches and with many strong training partners, many of whom were professional athletes from the military and police sport groups in Italy.

Having learned judo as an adult and made the transition from recreational to professional player, he has an unique insight in how to teach level-appropriate judo. Before moving to Italy and train full time, he had founded and managed a high-tech business. Recognizing the different life demands and priorities of both recreational player and serious competitors, and having lived both lives, he knows how to make the appropriate program for judo players with different goals.

Growing up with a lifelong interest for martial arts and combat sports, apart from judo, he also studied freestyle wrestling and various striking-based martial arts. As a relatively new judo coach, he has already taught a wide range of people from students, teachers, wrestlers to members of military, police and special forces. As a speaker of English, Chinese and Italian, he has taught in all three languages.


  • 4th degree black belt in judo
  • International Judo Federation (I. J. F.) Certified Coach with highest score in technical specialization
  • A rare balance of Japanese and European style judo.
  • Two decades of experience practicing judo
  • The only American judo athlete who trained full-time in Italy
  • competitor in the U. S. (-73kg M1 and Open Weight [2013])

Training and Competition:

  • Extensive professional training and international competition experience.
  • Trained full-time with Olympic-level coach Janusz Pawlowski (two-time Olympic medalist) and Italian police and military groups.
  • Also trained extensively with Gianni Maddaloni, coach to several Italian champions and an Olympic champion.
  • Studied and trained under other coaches and senseis in the United States including Gerald Lafon (Judo America), Jin Izumi (a student of Mifune), Geno Mauro (now deceased) among several others during various stages of his early judo career.
  • Member of Kodokan, USA Judo, Amateur Athletic Union and Italy Judo Federation.

Preferred Teaching Method:

  • Teaching judo in a logical and concise manner with emphasis on fundamental skills; proper biomechanics; dynamic movement pattern; correct body position; situational reaction; balance between standing and ground techniques.
  • Using judo-focused and general physical preparation training for strength and endurance based on scientific training principles.

Competition highlights:

  • 2015 World Master (Veteran) Championships Vice-champion (M1 -73kg)
  • 2014 World Master Championships [a. k. a. World Veteran Championships] 5th (M1 -73kg)
  • 2015 C. S. E. N. Italy National Champion (-73kg) [The only American to win this title]
  • 2012 and 2015 Italy Cup National Judo Championships finals qualified (-73kg)
  • 2013 U. S. National Champion (M1 -73kg and Open weight)
  • 2012, 2014, 2016 U. S. National silver medalist (Master M1 -73kg), 2016 bronze medalist (Master Open)
  • 2012 Luxembourg Open silver medalist (-73kg)
  • 2009 USJA and USJF Winter National Champion (-73kg)
  • 2009 U. S. National Championships 7th (-73kg Senior)
  • 2007 Hong Kong International Tournament Champion (-81kg)


Senior Instructor - Jose Mauricio de Andrade

sensei Mauricio de Andrade in judo gi Third degree (sandan) black belt. De Andrade sensei has been living in Italy for more than two decades. Before he came to Italy, he practiced judo in his hometown in the Bahia region of Brazil. At the time, it was one of the top regions for judo in Brazil. He was a national champion as junior. Since coming to Italy, he continues to practice judo regularly and helps to guide students in the class at at competition. His strong love for judo radiates to all those who know him. De Andrade sensei speaks Portugese and Italian.

sensei Pietro Marino in judo gi Senior Instructor - Pietro Marino

Third degree black belt (sandan). Sensei Marino began judo as a teenager in 1970s and competed for many years. With an eye for attention to details, he is able to point out some important errors made by students and help them to recognize such mistakes in a shorter time and make improvement. Until the early 2000, he was an active referee recognized widely in Campania region for his fairness and technical sound judgement on the mat.

sensei Paul Langford in judo gi Assistant Instructor - Paul Langford

First degree black belt (shodan). Paul Langford is the first black belt graduated from Judo Link in Italy. He is the co-founder of our location Gricignano d'Aversa, Italy. Despite of being a full-time father to two young kids, he dedicated himself tirelessly to help establishing and growing Judo Link in every way. As a result his military community can benefit from our high-quality program even beyond his stay. He also fearlessly competed against much more experienced higher ranks in many competitions. Finally he earned his shodan after winning 2 gold and 1 silver medals at the 2020 Gladiator Challenge at the Spartacus Arena in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy, where real gladiators trained and fought more than 2000 years ago.

Alessio Iannascoli in judo gi Assistant Instructor - Alessio Iannascoli

First degree black belt (shodan). As a child, he began his judo under sensei Mario Moccia and instructor Gianfranco Moccia. After becoming a black belt in 2012, he has been training and studying under the guidance of Lincoln Han. Despite his asthma, Alessio's dedication to judo allowed him to become a black belt and a good competitor in the Campania region. Alessio competed at -66kg category domestically and internationally. His most recent accomplishment is becoming the 2016 European vice-champion of Kurash (a style of jacket wrestling from Uzbekistan similar to judo) at -66kg in Amindeo, Greece. Being a lightweight, he prefers a technical approach to judo. Alessio studied law at University of Naples and speaks Italian and English. Now he is living in London.

  • 2012 and 2015 Italy Cup National Judo Championships finals qualified (-66kg)


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