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Classes at the Support Site Fitness Forum begin March 2, space is limited, don't wait - register at the reception desk or pre-register using the contact form.
Our club at the Naval Support Site in Gricignano D'Aversa is open to anyone who has access to the base with good moral character and has no prior violent criminal conviction. Obviously, due to the physical nature of the activity, you must be in good health. This is a private membership-based club and we aim to keep a respectful, healthy and safe environment that is productive to our member's learning and training. 


We do not charge a initial club membership fee or ask for a long-term contract. We are confident that you will find our classes highly interesting and beneficial to become a steady member. To join us, follow three simple steps:


Contact us via this web site, or feel free to stop by before or during a scheduled class to sign up. For the monthly class dues and schedule, check the Classes page. Fees must be paid at the beginning of each month to the fitness center, please bring the receipt to the instructor at class.


National sport organization membership and insurance
Judo Link currently is an Amateur Athletic Union (A. A. U.) level 2 club. Members are required to obtain and maintain an A. A. U. membership. Adult members should register directly at Minor members could register through the instructor or directly at the A. A. U. web site.

If you choose to register directly with the A. A. U., under "What type of membership?", choose the type of program for your age, Judo, and "Extended" coverage. The cost is between $14 to $20.

Once you paid for the A. A. U. membership, please bring a copy of your membership card print out or email it to the instructor.

Visitors are those who do not live or work in the local area. Black belt level short-term visitors (one month or less) can practice free. All lower belts can practice free for up to two weeks, after which a $20 per week charge will apply, to be paid directly to the instructor. Visitors may come with their own national sport governing body membership during the visit or sign a waiver of liability.


A good quality judo gi is necessary, but there is no need to spend excessively for a top quality competition gi if you are a beginner. A decent double weave training gi can be purchased for around 60 to 100 euros depending on the material, thickness, brand, size, etc., including trousers and a white belt. Just for reference, a top quality IJF-approved competition judo gi can cost anywhere from 120 to 400 euros. If you need one, you could purchase one directly from our club.



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